Remember writing K.I.T., Keep In Touch, in Middle School yearbooks? Well I do.  And I sincerely hope you lovely folks back at home remember to KIT with your little old friend Carissa, floating out here in the Pacific, waiting patiently for correspondence 😉

In the case that you want to send me a love letter, your most recent epic poem, or a package and make my LIFE here in Fiji…

My mailing address is:
Carissa Wills-DeMello
Post Office Nasau
Koro Island, Fiji Islands
South Pacific
(make sure Fiji and South Pacific are written clearly so it doesn’t end up in Fuji, Japan!)

I am often asked what people can send me here, so if you’d like some ideas of what I miss from home:

books – it’s always good to get a new read! I love getting books of poetry. Some of my favorites are ee cummings, Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, David Whyte, Rumi, Gary Snyder, Maria Rainer Rilke… or I’ll take your favorite 😉
ground coffee (I love Jim’s Organic, and flavored would be sweeeet)
tea (besides plain black & green, we have that here!)
chia seeds, cacao nibs, flax seed, etc. (healthy cooking ingredients)
nuts, granola, muesli, trail mix… any healthy snacks!
cooking spices
crafty things (bracelet string, beads, paints, anything… good for the brain!)
candles (tea candles are nice for light in my house, smelly candles are fun)
stationary (anything I can use to journal, draw, write letters, etc.  I’m running low on pens and notebooks with all the writing I do! Blank cards are nice for letters home.)
body products (missing my non toxic things.. haha)
chocolate (I especially love dark & chocolate covered anything)
dried fruits (missing my berries like craaazy)
maps (World, USA or MA- great tool for teaching)
-goodies to share with the children in my village (stickers, crayons, coloring books, etc.)
Tea + books + chocolate = 1 Happy Villager!
tea + books + chocolate = 1 happy villager!

Basically any kind of healthy snack foods/cooking ingredients or things to keep me entertained would be cool, if you want ideas… but truly, surprises are wonderful, and it’s even more fun to see what someone at home thinks to send me 🙂

Some guidelines for packages:
-Should cost under $200, or customs charges big $$$ to pick it up
-Use USPS flat rate box – cheapest & most reliable
-Put snacks in some kind of jar or tin if they aren’t already- keeps it fresh and plus I can use that stuff!
-In claiming what is in the package for customs, be broad- you can say “snacks” instead of trail mix for instance.. this will make it easier for things to get through and not be questioned 🙂
Email me the tracking # when you send a package (, otherwise it may be difficult for me to get the package (it could end up at many places around Fiji)

Vinaka vakalevu to my wonderful friends and family who have already sent me beautiful letters and thoughtful packages… it means more than you know!

One thought on “KIT

  1. Carissa, it was wonderful to meet you at the Southworth booksale this week. You are truly an inspiration! (And even more so after reading your blog.) Thank you for sharing and thank you for what you’re doing to help those less fortunate. Enjoy the rest of your time ‘at home’ before going back ‘home’!


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