A kerekere of my own…

So, you lovely friends and family from home whom I miss so much, now that you know what a Kerekere is, I have a few of my own… I’m in my tenth month here (crazy huh?!) and things that I had originally requested for packages are no longer at the top of my wants list.  Read, want.  At this point I am living quite comfortably here on Koro.  I’m learning to live the way my neighbors do, and what I need for daily life can be found in the ocean, at the farm, or in the Chief’s small shop. That being said, there are always home comforts (especially things without creepy chemicals!) that I’d appreciate if one is so inclined to send a package 🙂 Here are my kerekere’s:

  • Candles/tealights (no electricity means I use these alot.  Plus they are the one sure fire way to make a sad day happy!!)
  • Spices/Cooking Things: tamari, sea salt**, ground ginger, cinnamon (need this to ferment food, can’t find it here)
  • Good Peanut Butter!! (I really miss honey roasted natural PB)
  • Floss, toothpaste (I miss Burt’s Bees, herbal kind)
  • Soap (no nice smelling, safe ingredient stuff here)
  • Computer charger (mine broke if you want to send your old
  • Mason jars (using them to sprout beans to up my veggie intake!)
  • USB with music/movies (If any one could find It Started in Naples or the old version of The Little Princess I’d love you forever)
  • Notecards (I use the 3×5 cards  for work)
  • Push pins (good to hang kids pictures in my house)
  • Duct Tape (expensive here and good for everything)
  • Tea (missing my faves like Irish Breakfast, Earl Gray, Chai, and anything Lavender or from Yogi Tea!) and ground coffee
  • Cards (for writing home!)
    • Health Related goods: I could really use things to use as prizes in the Health Challenges that I’m running for example– yoga mats, pedometer, water bottles, etc.  TJMaxx always has those little things)
    • USB with kids movies (some of my old faves that I’d love to share: Fern Gully, Once Upon A Forest, The Rescuers, We’re Back, An American Tale, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Troll in Central Park, Rock a Doodle, My Neighbor Totoro.. you can skip the Disney Princess ones 😉 )
    • Coloring books
    • School Supplies
    • For my family: tshirts with symbols of home, your old ties (Ta can use for church)

Vinaka vakalevu in advance.  Thank you so much for the many thoughtful letters and packages ya’ll have already sent me.  The thoughtfulness and generosity of my friends and family never ceases to humble me 🙂  Sending you all loloma bibi (much love) ❤

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