The Wind is Alive… and Bossy!

Sa bula na caqi” literally translates to, “the wind is alive”… and this was the given reason for the cancellation of my return flight to Koro today. Well, Saka Caqi certainly is alive and well, and his feeling extra spritely today didn’t work out in my favor! I had just finished writing my last blog post from the worn leather terminal couch when my name was called over the loud speaker. I jumped out of my seat like it was on fire, thinking I was about to miss my flight. “Will they still let me on? I need to get back to my village!” I informed the security guard. He led me to the desk where I was informed of the winds intent to determine my fate sans-consent. Turns out I was the only passenger on the flight anyways, so I can’t imagine that was a convincing reason to press on with the voyage!

Riding yet another crowded, manic mini bus, paying another round of fairs, was not what I had in mind for my Wednesday.  I imagined myself sprawled on my ibe by noon time, doors wide open with the sea breeze blowing through, snuggling with my kitty and chatting with my family… Well, “the best-laid schemes of mice and men often go awry”, especially in Fiji!

Admittedly, the post-poned return to Koro caused me a bit of grief today. You’d think I should have been able to transfer my enthusiasm for going home to a pleasant day at the very least; but, alas, I’m a regular grump. I’ve spent all the energy that I had left for Suva! Thankfully the Peace Corps has provided me with lodging, so I will soothe my sorrow by writing while enjoying the comfortable accommodations. Maybe if I meditate on the beauty of spring mattresses and AC long enough I’ll get out of my funk.  It is nice to listen to music and blog without incessantly monitoring battery life!

There happened to be a few tasks that I neglected to complete while in Suva, mainly IT related, that I now have time to work on. There’s a plus! Got to do some research, printing, downloading; all the things I’m incapable of doing village side. How do I have things left to do after a month? By the end of a long stretch in Suva I start to get lazy. Technical tasks that, back in Nabasovi, I swore I’d complete the moment I got to the mainland are still low hanging fruit on the to-do list tree. Turns out I despise computer work wherever I am, despite the importance and diminished access at site. At least I’m consistent.

Speaking of errands, it amazes me how little I do in Suva compared to what I plan on doing. It seems to be a combination of a perpetually expanding to do list and urban drain. All of the commotion of the city sure taxes my nervous system. Then there is the air of Western influence about town that seems to make each day feel ever more busy and ever less productive. It’s like I create nonsense things to do thanks to the buzzing go-go energy around me. Looks like I still have some learning to do back in the village!

Anyways, I’m back in Suva for up to an additional week.  I can imagine my family will be happy to see more blog posts and video chat, so I’ll do my best to use this time for more than indulging in iced coffee (no promises).  Hoping to start my day tomorrow with yoga and a run on the sea wall—get back into a routine that feels good, even if I can’t be home.

Did I just call Koro home? Well, it’s getting there. At the very least, it’s where my cat and coffee press are… sounds like home to me 😉

my little piece of paradise
                 my little piece of paradise… it’s calling my name! 

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