Daily Absurdities

Sometimes I write down silly things that happen in my daily life or thoughts that pass through my mind which  make me laugh and think, “gosh, only in Fiji!” Some humorous thoughts, facts and moments as of late:

-When it rains here the pipes go dry
-It costs 20 cents or two coconuts to play volleyball
-A village party is a legitimate excuse for missing work
-I accidentally eat so many ants that I googled their nutritional value
-I’m getting so good at picking fleas off my cat that I think they’re evolving to be faster
-A cat fight broke out in my bedroom at 3 am Monday night.  Still no idea how the cat got in…
-Expiration dates are having less and less meaning.  I refuse to throw away my “eat by Dec. 2014” Planters Peanuts.
-An absurd amount of ants got into my walnuts and almonds- I washed them, sunned them & put them right back in the container… still taste good to me!
-When baby chicks walk by I think, “hmmmm.. I wish I found you when you were still eggs!”

So there you have a little snap shot of the things that have me laughing at myself and life lately, hope you get a good laugh too 🙂


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