Vinaka Vakaniu

Today marks a week that I have been in Nabasovi, and it has been the picture perfect day in the life of a PCV.

I woke up around six to the chorus of roosters that parade through the village all day.  I watched the sunrise turn the sky pink from my window while waking myself up with a bit of yoga.  Kila insists on doing yoga with me, but maybe balancing a cat on my shoulders might be good for my practice!

Post yoga, I enjoyed some delicious Jim’s Organic coffee brought from home, and a big bowl of oatmeal with freshly picked bananas.  It feels good to be feeding myself again.  Starting my day with custard cakes and fried dough was doing a number on my energy while in my host village!  I don’t yet have a stove, but used the hot water from the thermos that my na has brought to me every night since my arrival.

My na is a woman of many trades, and I have a lot to learn from her as a Fijian woman here in Nabasovi.  She says that she will teach me everything that she knows: Fijian cooking, herbal medicine, mat-weaving, coconut oil production, horse riding… I couldn’t have asked for a more fitting placement!  It seems like I’ll have the opportunity to learn so much here.

After breakfast, which was punctuated by many visitors dropping in, I walked over to Na’s house as we had plans to make coconut oil.  Yup you heard right, we’re making our own pressed virgin coconut oil!  Ta took me down the beach on his horse to collect coconuts for the process.  I’m getting to know the horse so that I can soon ride her around the island!  Horses are the main mode of transportation here… giddy up 🙂

We arrived at the beach during low tide, so while Ta collected coconuts, Na brought me for a ride in bavelo to nuku island.  For you kaivalagi’s out there: we rowed out to the nearby sand island on a tin canoe.  Villagers usually fish out here, and the view is breathtaking.  If you were to google Koro Island, the aquarmarine waters, white sandy beach, and swaying palm trees that you’d see pictured are just what my eyes are lucky enough to see in my new home 🙂

After our quick trip to nuku island, we started the process of scraping coconuts for our oil.  Na scraped at least 10 to my 4… it’s hard work!  I’m hoping I’ll be smart in coconut scraping soon so I’ll be of some real help to her.  For now, she’s patiently teaching me and letting me stumble through the process.

After scraping the coconut’s we took a lunch break.  We made “kotai”, which shredded green mango  in coconut water.  It’s the perfect lunch for a hot Fijian day!  Our village is covered in mango trees, so I’d say most people eat at least three a day, probably more.  We’ll finish the process of making coconut oil this afternoon.  Right now we are taking our post lunch vakacegu (break), and I’m waiting for Na to come get me and tell me it’s time to get back to work!

I’d love to share more, but I’m on 3% battery… Might not be posting too soon so WRITE ME!

Carissa Wills-DeMello
#7 Nursing Station
Post Office Nabasovi
Koro Island, Fiji Islands
South Pacific

LOLOMA mai Koro ❤


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